jueves, 16 de abril de 2015

Yamaguchi sensei

Stay in motion even when holding tightly
Soft in the beginning, always moving somewhere.
No matter how tightly he grabs.
Move as though you are just walking, slow is fine
In other words completely free

Your movement is flowing so the line of sword is always unimpeded, 
Just like the old stories of warriors. Whose sword work was so fluid.
In that sense fluid yet heavy. Gentle, and yet fierce. 

Budo is full of such opposite concepts.
Movement in stillness, stillness in movement. 
In motion, yet immovable.
They sound like Zen koans. But with our bodies,
We can gain clear understanding of such ideas.
We forge such a body, and such a mind,
Rather than simply trying to learn techniques.

We do this through “right practice” and training.
Then, it no longer matters where or how you are attacked.
Grabbing and being grabbed, attacking and receiving, are one and the same.

In this manner, we learn Tai No Sabaki, as well as true strength.
Try to defeat your opponent, and your technique becomes too forced.
You lose all accuracy. Decisions are clouded. The physically strong tend to depend on their strength. The wise, on their intelligence.
By doing so they lose humility.

Yes, it’s better to be physically strong too,but when the strong stop depending on their strength, and the wise do not depend on their intellect, only then,do both mind and body become truly effective.

Moving naturally, the important thing is the body never becomes stiff.
Don’t become agitated. Keep your feelings quiet. The moment we react, the shoulders tense, and we topple. Keep that in mind.

Try not to think so much of throwing. Walking naturally if your partner pulls you, just let yourself be pulled. Then just sit. The power is in your hara and intention. No need to tense up. Calmly give them something to hold. Then don’t rely on muscular strength. Just let yourself be pulled. Powerful, yet…..

Endo sensei,bases.