sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

Mindfulness and soft decisions

Our essence is awareness, no-mind(spirit). When the no-mind , is moved or fixed(focus) in something, appear the mind, the thinking, the movement, the creation.
In the aikido's practice we should rest the most time possible in the mindfulnes(Mushin), because in this state is where our essence emerges, and the aiki-relation happens from the spirit, from the "hara".
The "decision", the "thinking", the "kata" should appear later, when the ki of uke is weakening.
Before that ,with the aiki-movements we are letting go the ki from uke,from a mindfulness state. Our decisions are very soft, only we are following the direction of the uke's ki, with a little decisions to help the ki direction and being safe.
Finally when we feel the time and the point where uke's ki is more weak , it's the moment to have a  strong decision, and we lead the uke to the technic. At this time,the awareness, is fixed (focus) in the end of our aiki-relation, appearing the mind, the thinking,  and we make the technic.


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